Close Up magic

tim-gaines-photo2Close up magic is a form of magic that very few people have ever experienced. It is the kind of magic that is done inches from your eyes with no use of big props, smoke, or loud music. It is magic performed one on one or to a small group by a magician that has all the props he needs on his person. Most of the props used are everyday objects such as cards, coins, rubber bands, rope, and just about any other thing the magician can use.

Since most people have not seen any close up magic it can add something new and exciting to any occasion such as dinners, wedding receptions, private parties, ice breaker at cocktail parties, business meetings, hospitality suites, restaurants, etc. Close up magic can be performed just about anywhere at anytime. When planning your next party, and you want to add something that would make it the party of the year then then give Tim a call.